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UVNS provodi stručni nadzor nad radom sigurnosno-obavještajnih agencija i OTC-a te izrađuje izvješća te strategijske procjene za potrebe Predsjednika Republike i Vlade RH
Međunarodni ugovori
Međunarodni ugovori o uzajamnoj razmjeni i zaštiti klasificiranih podataka

About Conference


The Multinational Industrial Security Working Group (MISWG) was created in 1985 as an informal body to develop common measures for the protection of classified information with regard to non-NATO Multinational Defence Programs and international industrial security matters. MISWG is composed of representatives of those departments of participating countries that deal with international industrial security matters.
The role of the MISWG is to achieve commonality of security practices and procedures for the exchange of classified and controlled unclassified information. MISWG also provides a forum to discuss ways to adapt security practices to continuing changes in the overall security environment, defence industry trends and international industrial security. 

For that purpose, MISWG:

•   Sets direction, priorities and timetable for the work of the MISWG Ad Hoc Working Groups (AHWGs), 
•  Explores and recommends methods to improve and harmonise international industrial security standards,
    procedures and means of communication for the exchange of classified and controlled unclassified
    information with emphasis on measures designed to achieve efficiency and economy, 
•   Develops and reviews documentation on industrial security regarding the harmonisation of practices, 
•   Promotes co-operation and understanding on matters of industrial security practices and procedures
    among participating countries and with non-participating countries, especially those seeking to qualify
    for inclusion in NATO, 
•  Promotes implementation and subsequent review of agreed methods and procedures by each participating
    country and recommends changes as needed. 

Participating countries send representatives of necessary expertise and seniority to address issues on the agenda and with the authority to make decisions.

MISWG has no permanent structures or permanent secretariat. The secretariat duties are assumed by the respective host country of a MISWG meeting. A representative of the host country serves as chairperson of the meeting. 

The MISWG meets on a regular basis, as a rule once a year. 

The MISWG sets up a work plan and may establish AHWGs to deal with particular issues. Each AHWG is chaired by a representative of a participating country who reports to the MISWG. Each AHWG will have a specific tasking to accomplish within specific time limits. 

The results of MISWG decisions on security practices and procedures are available in the form of MISWG documents. MISWG documents, practices and procedures are not legally binding as they do not constitute international agreements and are not intended to contradict or violate national rules and regulations. 

Whenever practical, participating countries should apply MISWG documents, practices and procedures in whole or in part in connection with bilateral and multinational co-operative defence programs and/or industrial security programs.

The 34th annual Multinational Industrial Security Working Group Conference will take place in Split, Croatia at Hotel Radisson Blu from Monday 9th to Friday 13th September 2019.
Member Countries
1 Albania
2 Australia
3 Austria
4 Belgium
5 Bulgaria
6 Canada
7 Croatia
8 Czech Republic
9 Denmark
10 Estonia
11 Finland
12 France
13 Germany
14 Greece
15 Hungary
16 Israel
17 Italy
18 Latvia
19 Lithuania
20 Luxembourg
21 Netherlands
22 New Zealand
23 Norway
24 Poland
25 Portugal
26 Romania
27 Slovakia
28 Slovenia
29 Spain
30 Sweden
31 Switzerland
32 Turkey
33 UK
34 USA
1 North Macedonia
2 European Defence Agency (EDA)
3 European Space Agency (ESA)
4 EU Commission

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