Support for the Councils
Support for the Council for the Coordination of Security and Intelligence Agencies and the National Security Council
Information Security - National Security Authority (NSA)
The Office of the National Security Council is the Croatian National Security Authority 
Analysis and Oversight
UVNS’s analytical tasks begin with continuous follow-up of the Agencies’ reports.
International Agreements
International agreements on the exchange and mutual protection of classified information

What is determined by means of security and intelligence agencies oversight?

Pursuant to Article 106 and 107 of the Security and Intelligence System Act the goal of expert oversight is monitoring and controlling the legality of work, the achievement of prescribed goals and scope of work, the effectiveness and usefulness of work, the application of measures of secret information gathering which limit constitutional human rights and basic freedoms, the usage of financial resources as well as the coordination and cooperation between security and intelligence agencies and counterpart services in other countries. To put it briefly, expert oversight includes the overall business process of the security and intelligence agencies and OTC.

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