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WannaCry Campaign in Croatia

In mid-May a malicious crypto code WannaCry attacked computers around the world, including in the Republic of Croatia. Due to the potential danger for the Croatian cyberspace, the Operational and Technical Cyber Security Coordination Group held an urgent meeting on 13 May 2017 and agreed on the activities to overcome the threat. Recommendations for users were published on the MoI website ( The public was informed through the media and sector authorities also provided information to the organisations in their sectors. Simultaneously, sectoral authorities were engaged in detecting infected computers and blocking the traffic from compromised devices.
One month later it can be said that WannaCry did not cause any significant damage to Croatia. According to available information, 205 computers in total were infected. Some of the computers required re-installation, but in most of the cases the infection was removed without that.
Total security on the Internet cannot be achieved. New vulnerabilities of operation systems and applications will continue to be discovered and there will also be those who will seek to use those vulnerabilities for financial or other gains. The state authorities will do everything in the scope of their competences to protect the Croatian cyberspace but the end users have to be watchful, too. They should make sure that their computers have the latest patch versions, that the adequate security tools are installed and enabled and that they act responsibly when using social networks and other forms of electronic communication.
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