Support for the Councils
Support for the Council for the Coordination of Security and Intelligence Agencies and the National Security Council
Information Security - National Security Authority (NSA)
The Office of the National Security Council is the Croatian National Security Authority 
Analysis and Oversight
UVNS’s analytical tasks begin with continuous follow-up of the Agencies’ reports.
International Agreements
International agreements on the exchange and mutual protection of classified information

Request for Visit

International and domestic visits are part of everyday business in today's global economy. Such visits can also lead to visitors gaining unauthorized access to sensitive and classified information and assets. By obtaining approval for visits to secure sites, you can prevent security incidents and safeguard national security.
The employee of the Croatian Government institution or legal entity, who is off to international visit, related to a Classified Contract, program or project, where he/she visits secure sites and will have access to Classified Information, shall complete the Request for Visit Form (in English). Sending institution or legal entity that sends its employees for one-time or recurring visits, shall through Croatian National Security Authority/Designated Security Authority (Office of the National Security Council) announce the visit to the visited location, using Request for Visit Form (RfV Form).
When international visit concerns visits to the institutions, legal entities or secure sites in the Republic of Croatia, and shall have access to classified information, the competent security authority (NSA/DSA) of the country of visitor’s origin shall forward the Request for visit to the Office of the National Security Council (Croatian NSA/DSA). The Office of the National Security Council shall authorize the visit in case the request form confirms that the visitor has the appropriate PSC.
Details of the visit itself shall be negotiated directly between parties concerned (e.g. Security Offices or Security Officers).  
Request for Visit (Form) covers standard procedures for one-time and recurring visits, emergency visits and a standard request format for such visit requests and involves verification of issued PSC of required level.
A table (Lead Time for Visits) provided gives the number of working days prior to the date of the onetime visit or the date of the first recurring visit that the request must be in the possession of the receiving host nation competent authority – National Security Authority or Designated Security Authority.
Requests for Visit authorization for secure sites or will involve access to classified information have to be transmitted and processed through regular government channels among competent security authorities (NSAs/DSAs), in Croatia under the authority of the Office of the National Security Council, via fax or at  
Forms can be downloaded at:
Request for Visit (e-Form)
Request for Visit
Lead time for visits
Standard International Visit Procedure

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