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Participation of the Republic of Croatia in NATO Crisis Management Exercise - CMX09

The Republic of Croatia shall participate in the simulation NATO Crisis Management Exercise of political and military decision-making CMX09, which will take place from 4 to 10 March 2010. After CMX05 and CMX08, this will be the third NATO Crisis Management Exercise – CMX where Croatia is taking part, for the first time as a full NATO member state. This is a simulation exercise performed on the basis of a fictitious scenario and consultations between NATO member states and partner countries and there will be no real military forces in the field.
Crisis Management Exercises serve to train and check the existing and developing crisis management concepts as well as the cooperation and coordination of relevant national systems and procedures. The exercise will take place on two levels – in NATO HQ in Brussels and in capital cities of participant countries. In the exercise scenario, upon the call of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and in cooperation with other international organizations NATO participates in crisis situation management on a remote, fictitious island outside Euro Atlantic area.

Alongside the political and military dimension, this scenario also has a humanitarian dimension of taking care of refugees and helping the population affected by natural disasters.

One of the main goals of CMX09 Exercise is further development of „Comprehensive Approach – CA” concept as one of the Allied strategy bases for solving current and future security challenges. The main feature of this approach is the cooperation between NATO and non-military (civilian) organizations in the field, use of non-military resources and development of interoperability between military and other crisis management participants.

The participants of this Exercise are NATO member states, partner countries and for the first time two international organizations – the United Nations (UN) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The Exercise is coordinated in the Republic of Croatia by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, with the participation of other competent authorities, including the Office of the National Security Council.


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