Support for the Councils
Support for the Council for the Coordination of Security and Intelligence Agencies and the National Security Council
Information Security - National Security Authority (NSA)
The Office of the National Security Council is the Croatian National Security Authority 
Analysis and Oversight
UVNS’s analytical tasks begin with continuous follow-up of the Agencies’ reports.
International Agreements
International agreements on the exchange and mutual protection of classified information

International vetting application procedures

Vetting forms required 
The relevant required vetting application forms can be found and downloaded at: ( - English version of the vetting application forms is for reference only). The Croatian version has to be filled in and submitted for vetting purposes.
Process of preparing and submitting forms 
An organization, institution, agency, company or an NSA/DSA of the country where the Croatian national is working or applying for a job where a security certificate is required has to submit a request for a personnel security certificate. The request should contain the personal data of the Croatian national, name of the institution or company in which the individual is employed/will be employed, the duty or position and level of classification for which the certificate is requested. 
The requests should be sent to the Office of the National Security Council (by post at Ured Vijeća za nacionalnu sigurnost, Jurjevska 34, HR-10000 Zagreb or scanned by e-mail at, which is the NSA/DSA of the Republic of Croatia. 
Croatian citizens must personally fill out (by hand using block letters and ink) and sign a Security Vetting Questionnaire. Regardless of PSC type (i.e. national, NATO, EU), the questionnaire form is always the same:
- for TOP SECRET – 1st degree Security Vetting Questionnaire 
- for SECRET – 2nd degree Security Vetting Questionnaire 
- for CONFIDENTIAL – 3rd degree Security Vetting Questionnaire 
A completed Security Vetting Questionnaire (classified RESTRICTED) can be delivered to the Croatian NSA either through diplomatic channels via the Croatian Embassy in the country where the individual concerned resides or via the Croatian NATO or EU Permanent Delegation in Brussels. Alternatively, Croatian nationals can personally submit it to the Office of the National Security Council (UVNS) in Zagreb. Certificate request can be sent along with a completed Security Vetting Questionnaire (classified RESTRICTED) or separately through a different communication channel.
When issued, the certificate will be delivered to the requestor. A security briefing is the responsibility of the requestor and the vetted person is obligated to sign the acknowledgement concerning handling classified information (Classified Information Handling Acknowledgement). The certificate is issued for a period of validity of 5 years, and if the need for the possession of the certificate (e.g. transfer to another job, another company or retirement, etc.) is interrupted, the requestor is obliged to notify the Office (UVNS) of the reasons for the termination of certificate possession. 
Timeframe for vetting decision 
Vetting timeframe depends on the degree of security vetting and on the timeframe which the vetted person spent abroad. 
In accordance with the Security Vetting Act, for security vetting for access to documents classified as:
- TOP SECRET – it takes not less than 30 days and not longer than 120 days;
- SECRET – it takes not less than 20 days and not longer than 90 days; 
- CONFIDENTIAL – it takes not less than 10 days and not longer than 30 days.
PSC certificates 
The Croatian NSA issues PSC certificates. PSC certificates are not classified. 
A certificate (or a letter or form if preferred by requestor and indicated in the request) will be sent to the requestor. 
Further information 
For further information on vetting issues, the responsible authorities (e.g. an NSA, DSA, Security Office, Security Officer, etc.) may check the web site or contact the Croatian NSA/DSA directly at

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